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With a Lombard loan, assets remain invested!

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JS Private Banking is the first bank in Pakistan to offer financial planning strategies along with lifestyle solutions to match uber-rich clients’ tastes, giving an exclusive Boutique Experience.


Expand your horizons by choosing from our customized financing options. Given the various investment options, we facilitate and offer access to appropriate financing. We have a wide range of financing products to help you grow your liquidity, manage your assets, and take advantage of new opportunities.


We offer an individual holistic wealth management approach that considers your assets and liabilities. We allow wealthy individuals or investment companies to secure their short-term liquidity needs without selling their assets or restructuring their investment portfolios. We understand that client’s needs are unique, and our expert Financial Advisors are here to understand your needs and help you make the right call.

With Lombard Loans you can:

Finance lifestyle purchases (e.g., yachts, property, or art)
Obtain short-term liquidity
Invest a larger portion of your assets with a view to improving portfolio performance
Diversify assets, seize new investment opportunities, and broaden your investment horizons
Enhanced cash flow without having to liquidate your portfolio
Pay interest on the overdraft only for the period of usage
Ability to increase your exposure to select portfolio of investments
Specialized asset & passion financing
Tailored to meet the diverse needs of affluent clientele and realize their lifestyle aspirations.